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Circular Economy for Small Tourism Businesses
Boosting your circular economy skills and growing your tourism business
The green transitions in the small tourism sector
In our current economy, we take materials from the Earth, make products from them, and eventually throw them away as waste – the process is linear. In a circular economy, by contrast, we stop waste being produced in the first place.

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In the C-TOUR project we seek to minimize the negative impacts of traditional tourism on the environment, economy, and local communities.

Circular tourism aims to create closed-loop systems, where resources are used and reused in a circular manner, rather than being extracted, consumed, and discarded.

Why small tourism businesses?

Because they are often key players in circular tourism, as they:
  • tend to be locally owned and operated, 
  • employ local workforce,
  • use local resources,
  • promote environmentally-friendly activities,
  • are invested in the long-term sustainability of the region,
  • operate sustainable practices,
  • reduce waste and energy consumption.

Check out real circular tourism cases from all over Europe!

What do we offer?

The C-TOUR Partners are working together to develop the following training tools and resources. The tools will support active or aspiring entrepreneurs and employees in the small tourism sector, as well as trainers active in tourism or entrepreneurship education, in developing their circular skills and knowledge.

    • Digital stories of small circular tourism practices 
    • C-TOUR database of circular projects featuring ideas for boosting the circularity of a small tourism business
    • C-TOUR Curriculum and explainer videos – with a set of short instructional videos explaining the basics of circular tourism
    • C-TOUR Learning Lab where you can develop your circular tourism skills following a structured learning process

How to take part?

Are you
  • a tourism business owner
  • working in the tourism sector
  • student learning about tourism interested in developing your circular economy thinking skills?

You are welcome to

  • Find new inspiration from the C-TOUR tools.
  • Meet the real-life circular tourism business in our digital stories
  • Attend free training workshops on: Adopting circular economy principles in a small tourism business
C-Tour Database of Circular Projects

  • Access the free C-TOUR training resources and C-TOUR Curriculum 
  • Attend the free C-TOUR Transnational Workshop   
C-Tour Learning Lab

C-TOUR Partners

The C-tour project is brought to you by seven European Partners. Together they possess a  considerable expertise in fields of education, consulting, innovation and media production. They will be eager to showcase the results after this 30 months project.


Explainer videos available

Find below the brief explainer videos for all the modules included in the C-Tour Curriculum.

For language versions use the subtitles feature.
Read it.


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